Brit Embarks on 9000-Mile Penniless Trek To India

Talk about traveling light.

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A British man is setting off on as penniless trek from Bristol to Porbandar, India, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. Mark Boyle – a former Net entrepreneur by trade – will take along nothing but a few T shirts, a bandage, sunscreen, a knife and spare sandals in his rucksack. No traveler’s checks, no credit cards, no cash.

Boyles is part of the free economy movement, a group that strives for a moneyless society where people exchange skills and labor, and there is more face to face communication between cultures. On his walk across the roughly 9000 mile long trek which will include Afghanistan, Boyle plans to cover 15 to 45 miles a day, and intends to use his economic philosophy to hitch rides on ferries whenever he encounters a body of water to cross.

He’s even made plans to update his website en route. He will give everyone he meets a password to his website where they can upload details of his trek.

On the upside, there’s little chance he’ll get robbed in India.

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