Bracketron’s Universal Travel Power Kit: Breakable, But Indispensable

Cords are a significant annoyance for most gadget lovers, but they’re even worse for those afflicted with twin lusts for technology and travel. The sight of a mass of tangled cords lying in the bottom of your backpack, partly merged with your headphones and a few odd lengths of rope, can be enough to make the Amish life look attractive.

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But there are a few ways to cheat at the cord game and Bracketron’s Universal USB Travel Power Kit is one of them.

It consists of a USB car charger and standard AC wall charger, as well as the most ingenious charging cord I’ve had the pleasure of using. Rather than mess around with different detachable heads that inevitably get lost along the way, this charger has two heads, both of which stay connected to the cord at all times.

When you want to charge your iPhone or iPad, just plug the 30-pin connector into the microUSB end and it’s ready to go. When your Android smartphone needs charging, just unplug the 30-pin connector and it’s a normal microUSB cable again. That’s it – a simple design that works extraordinarily well.

Bracketron’s cord isn’t particularly tough. Mine was actually damaged by a car door and now has to be bent just right to work, but it’s certainly no more fragile than any other charging cable. And the extra utility you get is well worth it, assuming you also need USB and wall car chargers.

I’d actually call that the major downside of this product. If Bracketron offered just the cord as a standalone buy, I’m sure they’d see much more interest. Every traveler could stand to have one or two of these in his kit bag.

Pricing & Availability

Available now for around $40 (USD) directly from Bracketron.

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