Booze Smuggling Walking Cane: Best. Travel. Gadget. Ever.

Travel Gadget: Booze Smuggling Walking Cane

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Here’s a SkyMall-esque gadget a man can actually stand behind. From the “Why didn’t somebody think of this before???” department … brings us the Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask.

For the traveling lush who’s looking to bring booze smugging to a whole new level, this ingenious little device:

… holds 10 oz of your favorite booze! The secret? Ordinary looking on the outside, the top of this walking cane flask quickly unscrews to reveal five 2oz hidden flasks made of hardened glass with airtight caps, that’s 10oz total! So you can bring enough to share with friends, and discreetly take five of your favorite liquors to sporting events, concerts, picnics, or even formal events with this secret walking cane flask!

Just feign a good limp and an airtight “I was mauled by a cougar while saving the children in XYZ-land” story and the TSA agents will never see you coming.

(Oh … and drink responsibly, etc. etc.)

Founding Editor
  1. No need to fake the limp, I’ll just wait until I sprain an ankle next time… that’ll be my excuse ;-)

    What do the airline attendants say when you start unscrewing your cane and tipping out little vials of liquid? If you can start drinking it before the flight warden gets to you, then you might be okay.

  2. And if the TSA does see you coming, the flasks are less than the 3.4 oz requirement so they can easily go into your freedom bag.

    There is no rule against bringing alcohol through a TSA checkpoint as long as it is less than 3.4 oz and in the baggie.

  3. Ok,

    This has to be on the top ten best inventions list. I have to admit that It would have taken me for ever to think up an idea like this. The only thing I have to say about the usage part is that I would use it for soda instead of the typical beer or whiskey because I am underage for the good old Heinekin :)

  4. These have actually been around for quite some time. Though I haven’t seen one that holds all those viles.

  5. I think ill stick to my crotch whisky due to the fact that it can only hold about 300 ml. That being said I think Hundro has made me think of a good idea… ill use my dogs instead

  6. Wouldn’t the glass break unless you were extremely careful and slow-moving with the cane? Wouldn’t the glass vials clinking against both each other and the inside of the cane make noise, and have a chance to break the vials?

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