Boat Capsizes Under Weight of Enormous Tuna

©Derek Gavey

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Take this away as a top tip to all you anglers who love to go fishing on holiday — make sure the size of the boat you’re on can withstand the weight of the fish you hope to catch.

Hawaiian fisherman Michael Wichman was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after his boat capsized and then began to sink under the weight of the huge tuna he caught. Wichman became trapped as his leg was caught in the fishing line as the boat capsized, but he was able to wrestle free before he ran out of breath underwater. After climbing atop the wreckage he called his wife who placed a distress call that summoned the coast guard to the rescue.

Remarkably, Wichman didn’t even have to forgo his big catch. The big fish was still on the line despite all of the mayhem.

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