Capitalize! Beijing Hotels Cutting Rates for Olympic Season

Lodging demands for the 2008 Olympics fell short of predictions, so some hotels in China are lowering stay rates by up to 30%, reports. This presents a fabulous opportunity for travelers to explore China on the cheap; amidst the Olympic broo-ha-ha perhaps, but for those of us who are adventurous, it won’t be difficult to escape the international fanfare the Olympics typically bring. On the contrary, with the hotel market frantically cutting prices after room demand weren’t exactly what they thought it would be, maybe the Olympics will go down smoothly and traveling won’t be too difficult.

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Ideally, one could lodge in Beijing and travel within the country, avoiding the Olympic crowds altogether once one is outside Beijing. This isn’t so: The Chinese government, notoriously untrusting of outsiders, has raised security even higher for the Olympic Games. Even for Olympic Game’s ticket holders, visas are still being tightly guarded by the government amid terrorism concerns.

It goes without saying that if you can actually get into the country, you’re in for one hell of a hotel bargain.

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