Ballistic Universal Sport Rugged Pouch

Ballistic Universal Sport Rugged Pouch Keeps Your Small Travel Gadgets Safe

Ballistic Universal Sport Rugged Pouch

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Ballistic’s products are “Designed to Survive Life” and their latest Universal Sport Rugged Pouch is no exception. The no-nonsense construction is designed to keep your mobile phone safe from the daily beatings of life (or travel). It’s also the perfect size for many smaller digicams, meaning you can always have your point-and-shoot at the ready for those “at a moment’s notice” shots.

Features include: easy to open and close Velcro, a durable belt clip, and tough exterior material. The unit’s also equipped with SOUNDVENT™ which enables you to hear your phone ringing even within the depths of the pouch.

Available now in black directly from for $29.99.

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