Backpacker’s Portable, Expandable Shelving System

Tidypack - Backpacker’s Portable Shelving System

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It stands to reason that the Tidypack was designed by a backpacker. This revolutionary new rucksack, sure to be on many a traveler’s holiday wish list this season, has a built-in expandable wardrobe system that enables you to place clothes in separate compartments or shelves. To open the wardrobe, hang the rucksack on the door, pack in your clothes, close the rucksack as usual, and you’re ready to go. When you reach your destination, simply hang the rucksack on the wall and voila! You have an instant wardrobe!

The idea is so ingeniously simple, one wonders why no one ever thought of it before. There is even a waterproof compartment at the bottom to store wet clothes.

Tidy Pack is the brainchild of Marit Lien who conceived of the idea while grappling with cumbersome multiple pieces of luggage during her trip to Venezuela . The idea was built and perfected on treks through Eastern Europe and Norway.

The rucksack is perfect for every kind of traveler, especially those who intend to move on to another destination in a few days.

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