Aussies Are Undisputed Extreme Ironing World Champs

Extreme Ironing

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A group of 72 Australians have been crowned Extreme Ironing champs after beating a Guinness record for ironing laundry under water. The feat was achieved when the 72 brave souls plunged into the murky waters off a pier in Melbourne.

Extreme ironing, according to the Extreme Ironing Bureau, combines the “thrills of an outdoor sport with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.” The earlier record for undersea ironing was set in a pool in Geelong by 70 people.

For those who don’t understand how the mundane iron has become an adrenaline sport prop, evidently it’s quite popular. Enthusiasts iron their linens while rock climbing, ice climbing, snorkeling and other non-iron friendly activities. Members have ironed clothes on the walls of Mayan Temples in Central America, underwater reefs off Madagascar, and inside a cage dangling over the city of Leicester. The thrill of the sport supposedly offsets the boredom of the chore. Mmmmkay …

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