A Revolutionary “Tobacco” Pipe


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Ahh … what to buy for the traveling hippie who has everything? TravelGearBlog points us to the Solopipe:

A lighter and bowl all-in-one.

“Solopipe is the revolutionary self-igniting smoking apparatus that combines refillable, adjustable butane lighter with a high quality tobacco smoking pipe.”

This invention was a long time coming and I’m glad someone finally took the time and money to put it together.

Yes, thank god for that. I love how such “devices” are referred to officially as “tobacco” pipes. Rrrrrright. With their tagline of “… all you need now is something to smoke”, I’m sure they only have tobacco in mind.

Founding Editor
  1. the only reason that they advertise it as a “tobacco” pipe is because if it were explicitly for the use of an illicit drug, it would be contraband and therefore not able to be sold through any public means.

    if you walk into a head shop (a pipe shop) and you look at some of the signs and warnings, you’re only allowed to mention tobacco inside the premises. if they know youre using it as contraband, they can’t legally sell it to you.

    it’s like a “don’t ask, don’t tell” for hippies

  2. not everyone who smokes cannabis is a “hippie” I bet your redneck ass couldn’t tell the difference from a hippie and your mayor. Get your shit together and don’t group people when you don’t know them.

  3. Wow, i thought potheads were laid back and mellow…

    As for the pipe? Once you buy it, smoke pencil shavings in it if you want to. But the manufacturer meant for tobacco only. Free country…remember? Except for you shambhalite, you need to move away…far away.

  4. So cool where do you by those things? i like negro_flashes response, its direct and true. “redneck ass”? so clever. Jasmine, your boring and weird and Bry, your thinking of speed addicts, pot heads are crazy and rob stores and shit for their fix. Cool pipe!

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