808 Audio Hex TL Portable Wireless Speaker

808 Audio Hex TL Wireless Speaker: Big Sound for Your Next Road Trip

We’ve been checking out some pretty rad road tripping gear for this spring and summer. But there’s more to travel than worrying about charging your mobile gadgets and prepping for disaster.

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Enter 808 Audio’s new Hex TL wireless speaker – a portable audio party in a compact package that’s ideal for tossing (or even leaving) in the car for your next road trip.

808 Audio Hex TL Portable Wireless Speaker

Features include:

  • A balanced response from a full-frequency driver and thumping bass from a rear bass resonator
  • Listen to rich, detailed, room-filling audio via Bluetooth from up to 30 feet
  • Features 3.5mm input for playing wired devices
  • Two power options: listen continuously using the included AC adapter, or use 8xAA batteries for up to 12 hours of listening

While it’s on the large side for day-to-day travel, it’s perfect for long road trips where you’ll be spending plenty of time outdoors or ’round the campfire on the lake.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Black, Red or White for around $80 USD (with free shipping) from 808 Audio.

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