23 Years of Nonstop Travel (This Guy’s Travel Stories Totally Shame Yours)


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You may have read Mike Richard’s article about the world’s most traveled man a few years back, and here’s another one for you.

His name is Mike Spencer Bown and he has just returned home after 23 years of nonstop travel. Yes, twenty-three. He left his hometown in Calgary with a dream to see the world, and it looks like he accomplished his mission. The Huffington Post reports that he has spent “ample time” in every single country on earth, been arrested more times than he can count, and that he was the first ever tourist in Mogadishu, Somalia. He highlights his top 80 experiences in a guest post on Backpackology and could surely shut up any braggy travel friends you have.

So 23 years of straight travel doesn’t sound appealing to you? Well, you’ll be totally jealous when you read that the Huffington Post compared him (a Canadian!) to the Dos Equis man.

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