10 of The More or Less Sexiest Airline Commercials Ever

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On Monday our friends at Gadling indulged in a little of what we in the biz like to call “link baiting,” posting videos under the SEO-friendly title “Ten of the sexiest commercials in airline history.” The list isn’t exactly filled with gems, and to get up to 10 they had to include some non-sexy videos, some non-airline videos, and at least one non-sexy non-airline video. That said there are definitely a few highlights, two of which we’re stealing and posting. Well baited.

The first video here is one of those infamous Air New Zealand body paint commercials. This one highlighted the airline’s no hidden fees policy, which they apparently thought people were insufficiently aware of. Another one, not linked, was created because passengers weren’t paying attention to the preflight safety video. Suffice to say, all problems solved. The second video is from now defunct Silverjet Airlines, which tried to fill an “all business class” market niche that turned out not be very nicheful. The key phrase there, per Gadling’s apt description, is “lesbian mile high romp.”

Since we’re good blogosphere citizens we’re going to send you over to the original post for the rest. There are still a couple videos that involve the word “hotpants,” one with an emphasis on leather, and one that isn’t really about an airline but is actually pretty risque.

Think of this as the exact opposite of our History of Awful Airline Ads rundown, and by all means enjoy yourselves.

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