Wounded Veterans Helped By Free Vacations

Bethany Beach, Delaware © Patrick Nouhailler

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The initiative and generosity of a seaside town in Delaware is helping wounded veterans recover from their injuries. Homeowners in Bethany Beach, Delaware offered up the use of their beach houses to 25 military families, while local businesses stepped up to contribute meals, groceries, spa treatments and other goods and services to provide a free seaside holiday.

Operation Seas the Day was organized by the town of Bethany Beach to give wounded veterans and their families a stress-free break from their everyday lives, and provide a welcome respite that is intended to help heal their trauma and thank them for their service.

The project was limited to 25 families for the first year, but organizers received so much support from the community, and applications from 70 families wanting to participate, that the program could be expanded in the future.

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