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6 Destinations to Enjoy the World’s Best “Solo-cations”

Oftentimes vacationers find themselves at the mercy of group consensus or the tyranny of the vacationing majority, where the interests of the many outweigh the interests of the few (as in you).

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Did you want to experience the thrill of ziplining or white water rafting? That’s too bad, because your travel buddy is afraid of heights, water and boats. Were you in the mood for some authentic Mexican cuisine? If only your friend would eat anything other than chicken fingers …

Vacation days are precious and need not be squandered on a diluted itinerary of compromise and diplomacy. Instead, go where you want, do what you want and have the trip you’ve always wanted, before anyone has a chance to come along. Here are six solo vacation ideas to get you started:

#1: Group Fun in Paradise: Turks and Caicos Club Med

The key term to look for when in search of a good, lone wolf vacation is “adults-only”. That way, you can avoid being the only singleton at a resort overflowing with families and all the poolside screaming, splashing and “accidents” that come with.

Beach at Club Med Resort, Turks and Caicos
Beach at Club Med Resort, Turks and Caicos

The all-inclusive and 18-plus Club Med in Turks and Caicos offers child-free relaxation and the promise of another keyword crucial to the unforgettable solocation: activities!

If you want to come back from your trip with two handfuls of new international friends, Club Med can pack your days with active opportunities like the flying trapeze (not your grandmother’s vacation sport), mini soccer, bocce ball, windsurfing lessons, tennis, sailing, paddleboard, snorkeling and scuba diving to name a few.

At night, get your dancing shoes on and party down at the outdoor beach party or take in specialty shows and events.

#2: Rewards for Good Single Behavior: Breezes Varadero Resort (Cuba)

Unattached men and women annually travel from all over the globe to take part in this Breezes resort’s Olympics-esque singles extravaganza; the event sees guests face off in a series of games and competitions including beach salsa dancing, partnered balloon popping (an ice-breaker to say the least), relay races, tug-of-war and limbo among countless others.

Woman Lounging Poolside at Breezes in Cuba
Lounging Poolside at Breezes, Cuba © Matthew Tippins

Not only does this good-natured debauchery allow guests to get acquainted with their fellow compadres in picturesque Varadero, the Singles Party crowns an ultimate female and male single traveler from party participation points accumulated throughout the event. And the prize is the chance to come back and do it all again for free next year! And did we mention there’s plenty of drinking that goes on throughout all these events?

#3: The Great Outdoors: The Listel Hotel Whistler (British Columbia, Canada)

If you’re under 35 and traveling solo, the mountain resort town of Whistler in British Columbia, Canada is the play-hard (summer or winter) destination for you.

Listel Hotel, Whistler, BC, Canada
Listel Hotel, Whistler, British Columbia

With its international appeal, you’ll hear every possible accent throughout your stay here (although the second language is unofficially Australian), and single vacationers will delight in the hiking, rafting, ziplining, biking, kayaking, alpine skiing, horseback riding, ATVing and golfing on offer.

To stay at the heart of it all, book in at the Listel Hotel Whistler which is only two minutes’ walk from one of the city’s main market hot spots, Buffalo Bills. Stroll Whistler village’s varied bars and clubs on foot or let loose at your hotel, where guests can enjoy the sub-zero Belvedere Ice Room and sample as many as 50 vodkas from France to Russia.

The Listel also keeps guests entertained with its in-house DJ, who spins tracks every weekend at the Champagne Bar. And in the summer, the hotel extends its dancing card by opening its luxe outdoor lounge.

#4: Gender-exclusive Pampering: Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

If a hook-up with the opposite sex is the last thing on your mind for your solocation, there are still lots of vacation options to choose from. In Saudi Arabia’s desert capital sits the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, catering to solo travelers who like the specialty treatment of gender-exclusive travel.

Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh
Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh

For women, the Four Seasons Riyadh has just opened its ladies-only floor (the ‘Pearl Floor’) which features private access to specially-designed premium rooms and suites. There is a special express check-in desk managed solely by female staff and on the specialty floor, women can put up their dainty feet in the ladies-only lounge or break a sweat at the state-of-the-art Ladies Gym.

The Four Seasons Riyadh knows how much women love their goodies, so each room comes equipped with ”˜necessities’ such as complementary facial, body and hair care products, women’s mags, an Oriental abaya, yoga mat and a personalized welcome kit.

And for the guys, the hotel offers an exclusively male spa that specializes in ‘man pampering,’ with four specialty men’s facials, six signature massages and a unique five-step jet lag treatment package.

Both genders traveling solo will get a lot out of the 25-metre pool, the on-site tennis lessons, and the PlayStation and video games (available at no charge).

#5: Hot Days + Hot(ter) Nights: Caliente Caribe Resort in the Abreu Cabrera (Dominican Republic)

The tagline ‘clothing optional luxury’ sort of says it all when it comes to the Dominican’s Caliente Caribe Resort. And indeed, this adults-only destination located on 123 acres of private oceanfront is hot, hot, hot.

Hotel Pool at Caliente Caribe Resort
Hotel Pool at Caliente Caribe Resort, Dominican Republic

A sign they take their nightlife seriously: a highly skilled board of entertainment directors are in charge of orchestrating Caliente’s evening events which include beach parties, karaoke, authentic Dominican dance performances, and live music. There are also three lively onsite bars to keep you up and out on the dance floor.

If organized group activities are more your thing, the resort offers scads of opportunities to meet new people during golf excursions, horseback riding, ocean kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching and even nude Scuba lessons and dives (after all, the fish are naked too).

Get in some ‘you’ time at one of their three freshwater swimming pools, pick favourites from their two saunas and make friends at the swim-up bar.

The only problem you might encounter between rounds of water volleyball at this nude-friendly resort is where to keep the room key …

#6: Rejuvenating Escape: Ananda Destination Spa, Himalayan Mountains (India)

If by some miracle your troubles and daily stresses manage to follow you to the Himalayan Mountains, fret not, they won’t be staying long.

Woman Meditiating at Ananda Destination Spa, India
Meditiating at Ananda Destination Spa, India

At least once in a lifetime, everyone deserves an escape to the world-renowned Ananda destination spa. This palace estate sanctuary nestled in 100 acres of virgin forest (and neighboring a Maharaja) is dedicated to get the city off you — restoring balance and harmonizing energy through the ancient practices of Yoga, and the best of traditional and contemporary luxury spa treatments.

Sample one of their all-inclusive wellness experiences, custom-built for individual health goals including detoxing the body and mind, rejuvenation, weight management, renewable energy, balance and de-stress.

Your path to better health and wellbeing is guided by an expert team of ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yogis and spa cuisine chefs, so even if you came here alone, you won’t be going it alone.

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