Finally! The World Testicle Cooking Championship Is Here

World Testicle Cooking Championship, Serbia
World Testicle Cooking Championship, Serbia ©

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I wanted to be clever and title this post:

Having a Ball in Serbia!

… or perhaps:

Diggin’ In at Belgrade’s Boiled Balls Barbeque

(Granted it’s not quite in Belgrade but it would’ve been worth it for the alliteration, no?)

Seriously though, do we even need an attempt at humor here? The jokes and ball puns practically write themselves.

Can you believe it’s already been a full year since the last one? It has! The Associated Press is reporting this out of Serbia:

In a remote Serbian mountain village, they’re cooking up delicacies to make your mouth water ”” or your stomach churn. At the seventh annual World Testicle Cooking Championship, visitors watch ”” and sometimes taste ”” as teams of chefs cook up bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo testicles.

“This festival is all about fun, food and bravery,” said Ljubomir Erovic, the Serbian chef and testicles gourmand specialist who organizes the bizarre cooking festival and has published a testicle cookery book.

How does one go about becoming a “testicle gourmand specialist”? Is there a governing body? I can’t imagine they blithely throw that title around. And who exactly is the demographic for a “testicle cookery book”?

In any event, I’ll admit I’ll try just about anything, including barbeque balls. You?

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