Why TripAdvisor Is Getting a Bad Review

A brief snippet:

I look up the TripAdvisor reviews of the Ritz in London. Out of 279, 166 give the hotel five stars out of five, but 27 give it just one, and their reasons are varied and revealing β€” about the hotel, and also the reviewers. “Beware the stuffy and outdated dress code,” warns one, “apparently being dressed head to toe in Armani and having a Prada handbag isn’t good enough for this officious and petty hotel.” Visitors praise the helpful staff and comfortable beds, but there are complaints about a musty smell, the paucity of gluten-free treats at afternoon tea and, as Blank predicted, the requisite gripe about “rotten fruit”. It is a window into a delicious alternative world: one of disgruntlement for the reviewer, schadenfreude for the reader.

A long, but excellent read via The Guardian.

Founding Editor
  1. Mike,

    Personally I will always take those online reviews from Tripadvisor with a pinch of salt.

    It can be hard to understand the context behind a review, plus, it is an online source. Never 100% trustworthy.

    I can see the legitimacy in hotel owners concerns about poor reviews, but this is the best way for them to learn about their problems.

    Plus, TripAdvisor and others allows the hotel owner to get in touch with the customer. This should be embraced!

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