Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet
Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet © Göran Höglund

Why I Did an Everest Base Camp Trek and Why You Should Too

I love travelling and having awesome adventures. The thrills, unforgettable experiences, and the memories. Everything from sleeping under the stars in the Middle East to bungee jumping in New Zealand. It all appeals to me and I love it.

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Nothing has ever compared to the ultimate adventure when I did an Everest Base Camp Trek last year. This was by far the biggest thrill and one of the best travelling experiences of my life.

Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet
Mount Everest Base Camp, Tibet © Göran Höglund

What is an Everest Base Camp Trek?

Getting to base camp isn’t as difficult as it once was. We can follow in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and make our way up the mountain in just a few weeks.

An Everest Base Camp Trek involves flying to Nepal and having the opportunity to experience the local culture. The actual climb itself starts from a small mountain town called Lukla. This is a short 45-minute flight from Kathmandu.

The hiking part was a big challenge for me, but most people can get to their peak fitness in the space of six months to a year. So it’s not as impossible as you may think.

The feeling when you actually arrive is out of this world. It’s hard to believe you’re standing at the foot of the tallest mountain!

What Inspired Me to Do it:

I stumbled upon the idea of doing an Everest Base Camp Trek by chance. I spoke to some climbers who had recently done it and I suddenly got inspired. I was surprised at how easy it was to arrange. Six months later I did it.

The main motivation for me was setting myself the goal and pushing myself to achieve what I once thought was impossible. The memory of this experience will stay with me forever.

Why You Should Do an Everest Base Camp Trek:

You’ll get to see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world whilst simultaneously spending time and learning about the Sherpas. Nepal is a beautiful country and the Himalayas are wonderful. There’s nothing more special than reaching small, remote villages in the mountains and waving at the excited kids.

When you actually make it, you’ll know that deep down you really have achieved something magnificent. Sure, there’s always going to be low points and you’re probably going to feel cold and nauseated. But in the end, this is something that will live on in your memory forever.

And the main reason why you should consider doing this is because how accessible it is now. Your parents would never have an opportunity like this, but you’re fortunate to live in a time where you can. Make the most of it.

The Bottom Line:

Reaching the foot of Everest and completing the trek was one of the best travel experiences of my life. This is huge coming from a thrill seeker. In today’s world, it’s not as farfetched as you may think to follow through with any childhood dreams of scaling the world’s tallest.

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