Where to Buy Other Travelers’ Contraband

Last year, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration confiscated more than 13 million items from travelers either too uninformed or not sneaky enough to slip their contraband past the TSA’s crack team of government screeners.

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If you’re savvy and tenacious enough to force the agency to track it down, they say they’ll gladly reunite you with your lost switchblade, collapsible rocket launcher, heroin balloons, and what have you.

But where does the rest of it wind up? According to Budget Travel, there are eight main locations around the United States that handle such contraband. Get the complete list here. I can’t imagine the joy these World’s Greatest Garage Sales must bring to the likes of people like my mother who’s never met a tag sale she could drive by.

Founding Editor
  1. This reminded me of an article I read recently about lost luggage in the UK. If it doesn’t get reunited with its owner within 3 months then it goes to an auction house; they take shoes, appliances and valuables out of the suitcases, then seal in whatever’s left (dirty underwear included) and auction the cases off like a “lucky dip”. Experts head to the auctions hoping to luck out with a suitcase full of tuxedo or wedding dress. Weird …

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