This Week in Kickass Travel Tweets: 5 Stories You Might Have Missed

What’s that? You’re not following us on Twitter? I’m sorry to hear that – you’re missing out! Seriously, we post some of our best, most exclusive travel stories, news and other magnificent miscellany only on Twitter and nowhere else.

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If big words like exclusive and miscellany aren’t enough to entice you, here’s a taste of the awesome things you missed just this week:

#1: Teddy Bear Travel: Send Fluffy ‘Round Paris for Just $140

A Bear About Town © Lisa Omarali

It’s almost so genius, I’m ticked I didn’t think of it first. Some retired investment banker has started a company to send your teddy bear on an exclusive tour of Paris and photograph the entire trip to boot. For the low, low price of just $140 USD. Steal!

Check it:

#2: Kim Jong-il Loves to … Look at Things

… enough so that some clever chap has dedicated an entire Tumblog to photos of just that. (hat tip: @colinismyname)

Check it:

#3: Sign Up for Passports with Purpose

Just a reminder that, if you haven’t already, donate to Passports with Purpose. It’s a great cause.

#4: TurDunkin’ Should Get You Thinking About Next Year’s Holiday Feast

Mike Barish points us to The TurDunkin’: “a turkey brined in Dunkin’ Donuts coolattas, stuffed with munchkins and served with coffee gravy and mashed hash browns.” Mmmm … wholesome!

#5: The Miss TSA Pinup Calendar

And finally, this just speaks for itself: The Miss TSA Pinup Calendar. Hot, right?

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Founding Editor
  1. LOL that teddy bear business is a very good idea, I wish I lived in a capital so I could set one up.

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