Webify Yourself: Yahoo Mail To Offer Unlimited Storage

I’ve started to move much of my digital “life” online, rather than keeping copies of anything and everything on my own personal computer. Global access to one’s most important documents from any computer around the world is a godsend for travelers. That said, Yahoo has announced that it will begin offering unlimited mail storage in May for Yahoo! Mail users.

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Sign up free to Yahoo! Mail and use it as your own personal, on-the-go hard drive by e-mailing these essentials to yourself:

  • Passport photos to download and print on the go – no need to pay to re-photograph yourself enroute
  • Digital copy of your passport in case it’s ever lost
  • Important credit card info or scans of your credit or bank cards in the event that they’re ever lost
  • A recent copy of your resume to show off to potential employers
  • PDFs or digital scans of your favorite travel books/newsletters – no need to keep a hefty hard copy in your pack
  • Favorite photos of family and friends to view on the road, as if you’re not homesick enough
  • … virtually anything

One caveat is that I wouldn’t recommend using it as a place to store large amounts of online photos. For that, Flickr‘s Pro level service is phenomenal for around $25 (U.S.) per year with unlimited storage and transfers. I’ve been using their service for a couple of years now and I couldn’t be happier.

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