Vending Machines in Cabs? Whodathunkit?

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I can’t say that I’ve ever found myself in a taxi wishing there was a vending machine at my disposal. Then again, it never occurred to me to want an iPod before they existed, either. Visitors to New Orleans can now discover whether buying stuff during a taxi ride scratches an itch they didn’t know they had.

Simon Garber is the owner of several taxi concerns in New Orleans, and has also spent the past four years developing the technology to integrate a vending machine into taxicabs. The rubber has finally met the road on his finished invention and is now available in several taxis serving the Big Easy.

The machines currently only sell soft drinks and the passenger simply selects their purchase from a touch-screen display and swipes a debit or credit card for the 99-cent purchase price, before their cold beverage pops up from a panel by the rear window.

Check out more about this in NBC News

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