UK Airport Parking a Snap with BCP’s All-in-One Website

Driving to the airport and parking your ride is a pretty standard affair, no? You pick the appropriate lot – short- or long-term – drop your car and carry on your way. With a little luck, it won’t be keyed, taken for a joy ride, or up on blocks by the time you get back. Unfortunately, with the lax or complete lack of security at many of the lots we travel through, this may require a healthy dose of luck.

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(And if you’re lucky enough to park at Boston Logan International airport – unfortunately the closest to HQ – you’ll lovingly be greeted with a usurious $25 per day parking fee upon your return. But I digress …)

SAS Cars at Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Fancy a Better Solution? © Jon Olav

Long standing, UK-based parking company BCP ratchets up their parking offerings in a big way. According to their website:

BCP first offered Gatwick airport parking back in 1978 with BCP Gatwick, now Airparks Gatwick. Over 30 years later, BCP are still offering the best choice of Gatwick parking. We check the prices of our Gatwick car parks every week to make sure that we get you the best deal. We even offer a Best Price Guarantee on all of our Gatwick car parking products.

… and:

  • You can save up to 60% on airport parking gate prices.
  • Car parks are fully secured with high fencing, flood lights and 24-hour surveillance.
  • Each car park provides a quick and simple transfer to/from the airport.
  • Safe, fast, easy and efficient booking/payment process.
  • Choose from long/mid/short-term parking, on/off-airport parking and meet & greet service.

But wait, there’s more! For example, their Gatwick Parking solution offers:

  • FREE car wash* at Airparks Gatwick
  • Choose from 6 Gatwick parking options
  • Great prices for Gatwick airport parking, under £4 per day
  • A range of airport car parks for both the North and South terminals
  • 24 hour transfer buses
  • Park Mark awarded car parks with 24 hour security for your peace of mind

Did you miss that? Under £4 per day (little more than $6 for us ‘cross-the-pond folks). And you get a free car wash. The only thing missing is a back rub and a foot massage with some of that fancy peppermint lotion my girlfriend insists on buying.

Better still is that they offer Heathrow Parking, Manchester Airport Parking, and parking at a variety of other UK airports as well – 26 to be exact.

And the beauty of BCP’s solution is that you can take care of everything online. In fact, it’s encouraged since it saves you a bundle to do so. It’s awfully nice to be able to reserve a spot well in advance and know that the lot won’t be full when you arrive.

We’ll offer one small caveat: the fact that we’re not traveling to the UK anytime soon prevents us from actually taking their solutions for a test drive … er … park. Suffice to say that they’ve been nothing but courteous to us via e-mail. And the fact that they take parking seriously enough to devise a full featured “system” is pretty damn impressive.

Hey, Boston Logan Airport, are you listening?

Check out BCP’s website for more information or contact their customer support line: 0871 360 2866. And tell ’em we sent ya!

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