TSA’s Latest Security Tool Fails to Get Off the Ground

A GE-produced explosives scanner intended to allow members of the Clear registered traveler program has been ditched by executives of the Transport Security Administration for failing to meet the minimum requirements for substance detection.

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The deal was supposed to be simple: pay a nominal annual fee and you can hit the fast lane during your security check-in, with enhanced security technology allowing you to zip through where the rest of us are stuck fumbling with our shoelaces. Alas (or ”˜thankfully’ if you care about not blowing up), the machinery didn’t make the grade.

This was the second time GE’s machine has failed testing, but on the bright side, if you rub a stick of dynamite across the scanner really hard while yelling “I’m carrying explosives” and wearing a pair of Plastique pants, it’ll identify a positive reading every time. Steve Brill, who heads the Clear program, says he’ll keep working with GE on improving the technology.

The punchline for travelers: over 68,000 people have already paid the $99 fee to be a part of the Clear service that currently runs in just ten airports.

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