Bean There Coffee Shop, Johannesburg, South Africa

Travel South Africa: Exploring the Hippest Coffee Shops in Johannesburg

I don’t know about you, but for me there’s really only one thing I need to survive on my travels. Coffee.

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Lately, I’ve been hanging around Johannesburg, what some bloggers are calling the new Williamsburg. It should be no surprise then that the town’s got their fair selection of hip cafes. I figured you deserve to be in the know”¦

First up …

Bean There

Bean There Coffee Shop, Johannesburg, South Africa

Bean There is located in 44 Stanley, a complex that plays host to many different creative small businesses. There’s a little vintage shop, a tiny bookstore, an art gallery, a great hair salon, and a sweet pub. Bean There’s got an array of filtered coffee offerings, all sitting within their mellow corner shop. The hanging bikes were a nice touch, too.


Father Coffee Shop, Johannesburg, South Africa

I hate playing favorites, but Father (73 Juta Street, in Braamfontein) has probably has the best long black in town. The vibe is really chill, stripped back for coffee efficiency. There’s not much of a place to sit, but the taste is perfect. Great for strutting around Braamfontein on a lazy Saturday. Definitely better than any of the places you’ll find in the famed Neighborgoods Market.

Volo Telo

Volo Telo Coffee Shop, Parkhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa

If I told you Volo Telo (4th Ave, in Parkhurst) was known for their coffee, I’d be lying. The café’s more known for their sweet selection of baked goods. Just the right stop if you’re looking for a little more substance with your sipping though.

Warm and Glad

Warm and Glad, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Definitely the hidden gem of the group, Warm and Glad (357 Jan Smuts Ave, in Sandton) is a little known eatery hanging out off Jan Smuts Ave. The 3 shops — a clothing store, a café, and a bookstore — all are owned by the same laidback owner. The vibe’s the best. Perfect for the brunch and buzz.


Wolves Cafe, Johannesburg, South Africa

Wolves Cafe (3 Corlett Dr., near Rosebank) knows how to make a good cup of joe. There’s not much in terms of coffee in part area of town, so you’re well pressed for luck. Try sitting out on the patio for a lazy afternoon with a book.

(All photos © David Peter Simon)

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