Closeup of a passport and airline ticket

Travel and Money: Passport Carrying Tips

Closeup of a passport and airline ticket
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Today, we’re talking about ways to carry your passport. Although carrying your passport doesn’t directly pertain to your money, losing it (or having it stolen) can be a costly disaster to contend with that could throw an unwanted curve ball into your vacation.

Here are some techniques to help you reduce the chances of your passport going missing, and to make the recovery process much easier for you if it does.

Carrying the Original

You need your original passport for border crossings and navigating airports. In most other cases (such as checking into accommodation) you can use either your original or a copy (we’ll get to that in a minute). So the only time you need to have your original passport on your person is when you’re actively traveling.

I keep my passport in a slim passport wallet that I wear around my waist which fits underneath my clothing. I can access it subtly in a pinch, and keep it relatively hidden and secure when I don’t need it ”” thus reducing the chance of it being stolen from my purse or pocket.

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  1. And also make two copies of it that you put in other places just in case said original passport does go missing or stolen.

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