Hotel Lodgings for Bullet Dodging: Choice Accommodations for Avoiding Gunfire

Hotel Japan

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Karlos Zurutuza is a freelance reporter:

… specializing in the Middle East and Central Asia, I often find myself in holy-shit-I-almost-pooped-my-pants-because-I-could-have-died situations. The stories I cover might be both extraordinary and terrifying, but the question I get asked more than any other is “Where do you sleep when you’re over there?” I usually deadpan: “Motel 6 if I can find one. If not, I’ll splurge for La Quinta.” If the person looks at me with confusion, that probably means I’m not dealing with a total moron, so I’ll say, “Just kidding,” and tell them about a few of the most notable places I’ve stayed during my travels through the world’s conflict regions.

His complete list of favorite accommodations to avoid gunfire at VICE.

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