Travel Envy: A Beautiful Film Short of South American Scenery

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In South America: Untamed Winds from Peru For Less

Three German filmmakers went on a three-month trip through South America, armed with cameras and a moody Land Rover. They captured the varied landscapes of five different countries: Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, and southern Brazil- and afterwards made a five minute and thirty second video. The scenes highlight the stunningly diverse landscapes and instill travel envy at its very finest. And while the filmmakers, Stefan Templer, Clemens Krüger and Vincent Urban, don’t speak during the film, they actually have something interesting to say. You can read the original interview at CNN, though unfortunately we never find out what’s up with the guy with the axe (can you find him?).

  1. Their videos are amazing! Such a talented bunch and some really inspiring stuff…
    I also found the interview on CNN pretty interesting. Didn’t come across it before actually. Cheers!

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