Travel 2007 Just Keeps Getting Worse

Has 2007 been a particularly bad year for travel? Or are the papers just reporting that much more bad news this year?

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Via CBS News, out of Los Angeles:

(AP) Fire sprinklers at a Los Angeles International Airport terminal turned on Sunday after a water pipe broke, dousing passengers waiting for flights or picking up their bags.

Terminal One was temporarily evacuated, and the baggage claim and screening areas experienced minor flooding, said airport spokesman Marshall Lowe.

Lowe didn’t know how long the sprinklers were on or how many people got wet, or have any damage estimates to the airport. Several flights had been delayed, Lowe said, but he didn’t know how many or for how long.

About 30 minutes after the evacuation, passengers were being readmitted, officials said.

Long lines formed in front of the terminal, as passengers had to go through security checkpoints to be readmitted. Normally busy Sunday morning traffic was especially congested, and police directed cars around the terminal.

Which chapter talks about “surviving a flash flood” in the Passenger’s Bill of Rights?

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