Tibet: Not The Fratboy Destination It Once Was

Tibet has always been a lovely travel destination. Whether you’re an old woman or a fraternity boy completely enamored with the philosophy class you took senior year to graduate, its a popular place to find one’s self. Tibet has also been in a state of political turmoil against the Chinese “abusive step-parent” government for what seems like forever.

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With the recent rioting in the area, and with the Chinese government doing everything in their power to suppress the coverage of the police brutality and political dissent, the stunning mountain ranges and beautiful temples should be held off on for the casual traveler.

However, for some of us, this might be just up our alley. Journalists, photo or otherwise should try and venture to Tibet themselves, running straight into “the fray” to cover one of the greatest civil rights struggles of the century. With a background of peaceful monks breaking religious character to fight riot police, it really is one of the most interesting news stories in a long time.

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