Car Sick Kid-O

Taming Motion Sickness: Drugs, Apples, & Better Shocks

Many people suffer from motion sickness, especially small dogs and children. Motion Sickness comes from a disconnect between the inner ear sensing motion, and the eyes not registering it. Because of this, the kid-os in the back seat who can’t see to the horizon have a better chance of coating your new upholstery than the adult in the front seat. Never fear, brave road-tripping parents! The following are a few things you can try on your next motion-filled adventure.

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Car Sick Kid-O
Car Sick Kid-O ©Joe Shlabotnik

Dramamine, which can be purchased over-the-counter, and a more toxic prescription option, the scopolamine patch, have shown very good and consistent results. However, this patch is really only intended for adults over the age of 18. Ginger is known to be an “alternative-medicine fix”, but with mixed results. I was also told while on a cruise that slowly eating a green apple is a sure fix.

That said, one of the main points we can’t ignore is mushy car shocks. While this wont help you on a cruise, getting the shocks replaced or updated in your car could make all the difference on your next road trip.

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