T-Shirt Gets Family Kicked Out of Theme Park

Universal Studios in Orlando ©ThornMonkey

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Just about everyone who has ever lived has been embarrassed by their father’s wardrobe at some point. Recently a father’s choice of attire was not so embarrassing, but it has taken the fun out of his family’s vacation nonetheless.

Christian Jarosz was and his family were ejected from Universal Studios Orlando for his choice of t-shirt. The shirt said “Police” in large white letters on a blue background and was a gift from his brother, a police officer in New York. Although the family had passed through security screening upon entering the park, and no mention had been made of the shirt contravening park policy, the family were later stopped while walking around inside the park.

Universal Studios’ policy is that only law enforcement personnel can wear clothing identifying them as such, which makes sense. What doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense is that the family was removed from the park and refused a refund even after the father offered to buy a different shirt to wear for the rest of their day at Universal Studios Orlando.

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  1. That makes no sense whatsoever… If the father did indeed offer to buy a new shirt to put on, that should have been the end of it and a happy ending at that. No-so-well done, Disney…

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