Superfly Ziplines+Dinner Tour, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Superfly Dinner Tour: Have a Steak + Zipline in Whistler’s Backcountry

You know how you’re always like, “Yeah, this steak dinner is great. But … it needs more ziplining.” No fear, bucketlist-er! Superfly Dinner Tours has you covered.

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Superfly Ziplines+Dinner Tour, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Catered by Whistler’s famous Bearfoot Bistro, with only 10 guests per sitting, this exclusive tour starts with a ride in our heated snowcat up, up and away. And what goes up must come down.

After dinner fly through the dark as you soar back to the the valley below on 4 incredible ziplines. Highlighted by Canada’s longest ziplines at well over a kilometre long and 600 feet above the ground this night time adventure is one of a kind.

We have lit up the platforms, bridges, walkways and trees to make this an unforgettable evening experience.

OK, so you won’t be having a steak while ziplining (although I see the opportunity of an untapped niche here …) but this is clearly the next best thing.

Plus: those kilometre-long ziplines top out at 60 MPH (100 KPH for non-‘Mericans)! At $200 per person, it ain’t cheap. But we think it’s still plenty bucketlist-worthy.

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