Speak Up For Antarctica and Win a Trip of a Lifetime

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Travel to Antarctica is on many a traveler’s wish list. For some, it is the frontier — the last continent they have yet to explore. No matter where you are on Earth, it is far away and unfamiliar, at the very bottom of the world.

Part of the appeal of Antarctic travel is the unchartedness of the vast continent that very few have set foot on. We are enthralled by images of massive and majestic ice, imposing mountains enveloped in wispy clouds, adorable penguin colonies, and other things we will never encounter in our daily lives. Yet this very distance and mystery also threaten Antarctica. There is so much we still don’t know about the last continent, and now the climate is changing faster than we can study and protect it.

With its latest contest, Air New Zealand hopes to give Antarctica a voice. It could be your voice. This is no ordinary assignment.

To enter, they are asking participants to provide a voice-over for one of two short videos about Antarctica, or to submit a written commentary. The winner will fly to Antarctica and spend two weeks with National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards learning how to capture and share its beauty with the world through images. The trip will also entail spending time with scientists from New Zealand’s Antarctic program and learning about the scientific work the airline sponsors.

Antarctica needs a voice in the world. Will it be yours? Check out more about this from Air New Zealand

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