Skydiving … Without a Parachute [Video]

Nowadays, when it seems like everything (even Doritos) is “EXTREME!”, Travis Pastrana shows what extreme really is. Because he likes to skydive … without a parachute. This is sheer insanity:

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Why? Because he’s absolutely batshit crazy. What other reason could there be?

Founding Editor
  1. If you wonder who this crazy guy is… Travis Pastrana is a legend in the motocross and supercross.
    He had enough injuries in his life to keep a physiotherapist busy for a lifetime. :D


  2. Really not all that insane – 2 backup jumpers and like a 9 second free fall.
    Talk about Doritos – let me know when he does something remotely
    Impressive; not kind of entertaining. Thanks!

  3. @Claire: Drunk? What are you talking about? Unless they started making red bull (his sponsor) with alcohol I saw nothing to suggest he was drunk. Just a race car driver and motocross champion with a reputation for being one of the friendliest athletes out there participating in yet another carefully planned stunt.

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