Ridiculous Wait Times Killing the US Tourist Industry

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Customs wait times for international visitors to the United States are exceeding four hours at Miami International Airport and causing a huge headache for foreigners. The long wait at international airports across the country results in missed connecting flights and travelers’ complaints to friends and family, hurting the US brand abroad. The U.S. Travel Association reported that exorbitant wait times at customs entry points could cost the nation as much as $95 billion in lost spending over the next five years.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the trade group is lobbying for 20 policy adjustments, including hiring 3,500 more customs and border patrol officers, a move that would cost the federal government an estimated $400 million. The idea would cut wait times to 30 minutes, create more US jobs and entice international travelers to make the trip over.

Its considered the final step of a three step process transforming the entry process. The first two steps have already been completed: reducing times to obtain a visa and instituting an advertising agenda. Let’s hope this process wraps up quickly because we want the mon-ay.

  1. Well, it takes time to scan your retina and check all your phone calls and emails in the past few years, right. Though maybe this is done when you applied for a permission for entry or whatever it’s called, even if you do not need visa. I just avoid flying through U.S. and thinking about holidaying there makes me and all my friends smile.

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