Lost In Translation: A Gallery of Ridiculous Signs From Abroad

While travelling around the world, we’ve come across many hilarious, shocking and unsettling menus & signs. Some have been totally lost in translation, some downright rude, while others make a beach go-er feel a bit wary! We felt compelled to share some of these signs with you. Enjoy!

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signs from travel
This isn’t the most comforting sign you want to see while at the beach.

chiang mai thailand
This sign is outside of the tiger petting zoo in Chang Mai, Thailand. 2000 baht, or eaten? Seems reasonable!

Even if a baby was ordering this, would it want it white hot?
Even if a baby was ordering this, would they want it white hot?

eating in sihanoukville, cambodia
What Does This Even Mean?

signs from travel
Interesting Fact Of The Day

refuse service to japanese
This Sign In China Couldn’t Be More Racist!

budget backpacking
Beware Of Boats!

travel signs
I Wonder If They Have Any Hindu Ears On The Menu?

backpacking sihanoukville
Again, What Does This Even Mean?!

funny travel signs
This Is So Much Better Than The Regular “No Smoking” Signs

travel signs borneo
I Wonder What Happens If They Do Wet The Bed…?

The mushrooms sound alright, it's the accompaniment that concerns me. Let's keep this meal consensual.
The Mushrooms Sound Alright, It’s The Accompaniment That Concerns Me. Let’s Keep This Meal Consensual!

travel signs
Danger! Beware Of Glass ??…More Like Beware Of Shotguns!

pai thailand
Completely Lost In Translation

travel signs
Not Exactly What You Want To See When About To Cross A Rickety Bridge In A Massive Bus … With 2 Oncoming Buses

travel signs
This Note At Our Hostel Was Slightly Lost In Translation

If a tiger ever came to this restaurant he'd be stoked.
If A Tiger Ever Came To This Restaurant, He’d Be Stoked

As you can see, there are definitely some mix-ups when it comes to translating our native tongue! Every time we step outside of our hotel/guesthouse or sit down to a meal, we always wonder: What hilarious decyphering will we do today? If you want to see more funny translations, check out “Lost In Translation: Menus Of China“.

  1. As always, there are many funny signs around the world, well done to Nick and Dariece for capturing and sharing them with us!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. These lost in translation signs etc are quite hilarious! I certainly would enjoy to whiteness some myself.

    Cheers, Sean

  3. Very funny stuff.

    Favorate has to be NO SMOKING UNLESS YOU’RE ON FIRE.

    Well done. Keep them coming.

  4. some of them are quite hillarious I think I would walk across the bridge if you figure out the dog in the wagon sign let me know

  5. This is hilarious! Really enjoyed this and had to share with those around me. Hope to read more from the Goats on the Road!

  6. Literally laughed out loud at the “fat dog in the wagon..think about it”…No idea what they are trying to get at there. Also, the “deliciously moist welcome”..that sounds gross! Thanks for sharing Nick & Dariece :)

  7. Freakin’ hilarious! I always take snapshots of weird/quirky signs while I’m out traveling. I love that Diver sign, too funny. Can’t wait to hit Asia, seems there is a lot that is lost in translation there!

  8. N+D….you did a good job. Everything is legal, though there are some cultural difference that lead some misunderstanding and ridiculous translations. Life is a journey, during this colorful journey, you two can see and experience the most wonderful and fantastic scenery\food\culture…keep moving. Wish you good luck in 2013. WO AI NI MEN .

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