RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones
RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones

RHA MA650 Wireless Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

We’ve long been fans of British-based RHA and their entire line of mobile audio gear. Their simple MA450i earphones have been my go-to travel earbuds for years now.

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Their products are seriously top-notch with pricing that’s actually approachable for the average traveler.

Plus, they’re always innovating. Case in point: their latest MA650 Wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They were kind enough to send us a sample pair, so here’s the lowdown …

RHA MA650 Review – Headphones

RHA MA650 Wireless Earphones (closeup)
RHA MA650 Wireless Earphones

The Skinny

In the brand’s own words, the RHA MA650 Wireless headphones use:

… Bluetooth technology to deliver detailed and powerful wireless listening. Finished with a universal remote that supports full track, call and digital assistant control, and an easy-pairing NFC chip to connect to your device quickly, the MA650 Wireless is perfect for immersive, high quality listening on the go.

The Traveler’s Take

Like most of RHA’s products, the MA650 Wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones feature a streamlined form factor. The design eliminates the usual tangle of wires most travelers have to contend with when packing their mobile audio gear. I also really dig the simple black and silver look — it’s sleek, modern, and a touch upscale.

RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones
RHA MA650 Wireless Headphones

Beyond the look and design, there’s a lot to like about the MA650, especially for travelers. First, they feature a 12-hour battery life which is long enough for all but the longest-haul flights. That’s enough to get you from L.A. to Tokyo, for example.

The sturdy aluminum construction also features RHA’s Aerophonic design with a solid amount of noise-isolation. These aren’t noise-canceling headphones, per se. Personally, I’m not typically a fan of full-size over-ear headphones (even of the noise-canceling variety) because they take up too much room in my pack. I much prefer to travel light. The MA650’s strike a good balance of compact portability and the ability to drown out most airplane and airport noise.

RHA MA650 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
RHA MA650 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

The last thing I really dig is their durability. They feature an IPX4 rating — an indication that they’re sweat- and splashproof. Sure, they’re not designed to go swimming (although who really needs to rock out while they’re doing laps?). But, they are perfectly capable of surviving your daily workouts and the occasional rain shower on the road.

Pricing + Availability

The RHA MA650 Wireless headphones are available in black for $99.95 directly from RHA. Or shop Amazon for discounted pricing.

Founding Editor
  1. These are the only bluetooth earphones I’ve ever had that I actually liked. Getting a pair that uses the transmitter that sits around your neck is an absolute must, believe me. Never get the kind that have a transmitter in the ear piece.

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