Skyline of Dubai at night
Dubai After Dark © Dominic Scaglioni

Restoring Elegance to Airport Travel in Dubai

In years past, airline travel was an elegant experience. The skies were a graceful way to travel quickly and easily across nations and oceans, and people were enthralled by the possibilities for new adventures across the globe.

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Fast-forward to present time and too often the airport and airline travel experience is marked by high levels of stress and increasing frustration. The hassles of parking or waiting for taxis that never arrive, standing in lengthy check-in counter queues, and going through endless security lines that snake through the airport are just the beginning.

Skyline of Dubai at night
Dubai After Dark © Dominic Scaglioni

The same dance continues at the gate as customers wait on edge for their boarding section to be called. Down the jetway you go only to be greeted by the cattle car stampede for overhead bin room and seats that are way too small. Then, once you are strapped in, the seat in front of you reclines so you have only inches of room. It’s a wonder any one flies any more.

Elegant Option for Air Travelers in Dubai

Thankfully, if you are flying to or from Dubai International Airport (DXB) there’s a way to lower your stress levels and make your travel a more pleasant experience. Savvy travelers have discovered that the perfect way to start or end their journey is to ride in limousine-like luxury in an elegant vehicle chauffeured by a professional driver from Blacklane.

Imagine you have arrived at Dubai International after a lengthy, stressful flight. The temperature outside is soaring once again and nearly unbearable. You can take comfort in knowing that your Mercedes-Benz automobile will be there with air conditioning running, ready for you.

With airport pickups Blacklane includes an hour of wait time. The professional driver will track your flight and you will receive an SMS text letting you know your driver is there and patiently awaiting you. If you are traveling to the airport, Blacklane drivers receive up to the minute traffic alerts to help assure you get to the airport easily and in plenty of time.

Booking with Blacklane

You can book your airport transfer in Dubai on Blacklane’s website or mobile app. Simply enter your starting and ending destination and when you need the service. Select the class of automobile that best fits your budget and your needs, and you are all set. The Blacklane app will show you the exact cost of your airport transfer and the fare includes all taxes, gratuities and fees.

On the day of your ride, you will receive two email and SMS updates. The first will let you know your private car is on the way and the second notice will be sent as soon as the driver arrives. All Blacklane vehicles and drivers are fully vetted and commercially licensed and insured.

If you are looking to bring a touch of elegance and stress free travel to your next airport journey, Blacklane is the answer. Step into your Mercedes-Benz luxury car, your driver is waiting for you!

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