Jetset Camping: 4 Reasons to Love Luxury Travel in the Backwoods

Let’s sidestep the trendy, yet cringe-worthy buzzword “glamping” for the moment. [shudder] How about “luxury backcountry travel” or “jetset camping”? Either way, we’re talking about getting away from it all … but not too much.

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Picture: gourmet dinners, five-star luxury accommodations with a full staff at your beck and call and countless outdoor adventure opportunities … all at the world’s most remote, breathtaking locations. It’s modern, upscale elegance with all the fun and informality of true backcountry camping. Many travelers are surprised to learn that’s just what today’s luxury camping providers offer.

Horseback Riders in Montana
Horseback Riders in Montana

It’s among the latest trends in travel because it so perfectly blends a love of the outdoors and nature with the wants of many modern travelers. If you’re seeking refuge from the hustle and always-on connectivity of modern life; if you’re looking to really get away but still enjoy all the modern, first world amenities of home; if you’re the sort that likes the idea of camping but not the reality … luxury backcountry camping is a great option.

Here’s why:

Stunning, Remote Locations

As a hiking-obsessed traveler, my favorite part of escaping into the backcountry is the solitude. Imagine pure quiet – devoid of the constant hum of the modern world – puncuated only with the sounds of wildlife and nature.

Today’s luxury backcountry resorts offer stays in some of the world’s most stunning and remote destinations. Travelers can visit pristine Glacier Park, Montana, the wilds of British Columbia or the vast expanse of the deserts of the Southwestern United States, just to name a few.

Grayling Canvas Cabin at The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
Grayling Canvas Cabin at The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Adventure Is Literally at Your Doorstep

At these destinations, it’s no surprise that endless adventure opportunities await just outside your doorstep. Kayak the wilds of Montana’s national parks; mountain bike Norway’s world class terrain from a luxury yurt; or roll out of bed and straight into a Land Rover for a safari in the African desert. Forget taking a cab or hopping a long-distance train ride to the outdoors – it’s all right there outside your window.

All the Comforts of Home (and Then Some)

Travelers will of course find varying amenities at each location, but the list always includes all the comforts of home and then some. Think: nightly turn-down service; Egyptian cotton sheets; private wet bars; hotel staff to help build your personal campfire (complete with gourmet s’mores!); multi-course, cooked-to-order outdoor breakfasts every morning … the list goes on.

Extravagant properties such as The Ranch at Rock Creek even offer five star dining and world class cuisine. Or, just in case you’re not feeling relaxed enough, a lavish onsite spa complete with cedar sauna and nearly every imaginable treatment and massage procedure.

Blue Canteen at The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana
Blue Canteen at The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana

Ecologically Friendly

Most modern hotels are entirely fabricated with new construction materials from the ground up. Green travelers will appreciate that today’s luxury camping resorts are often far more eco-conscious, taking inspiration from and advantage of their surrounding environment. Solar power, capture and reuse of rain water, onsite organic gardens are typical features. Some properties are even completely repurposing discarded elements such as train cars or vintage campervans as luxury backcountry “suites”.

Founding Editor
  1. Glamping is the dumbest invention since Snuggies. If you are the type of person that dislikes getting dirty, can’t live a day without a shower, or refuses to eat GORP because it wasn’t prepared by a gourmet chef, then get out of my nature! Stay in the city and be a tool there. This goes for people that take their kids RV camping and people that want a gondola built into the bottom of the Grand Canyon because it’s too far to hike.

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