Reason #9,349 To Travel RTW: Moonlight in Rome

Over on the blog, Dave is reminiscing about the moonlight in Rome:

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I’m reminded of my first night in Rome every time I take notice of the moon. Full moons, half moons, crescent moons – they all take me back to that moment in time when I felt as though I was the luckiest guy ever. Backpacking around Europe on my own, a newly minted college graduate, beaming with confidence and newfound independence!

Every now and then I even spy the moon from my current apartment, while lying in bed, with the shades slightly open (I like a few shadows cast on the walls as I doze off). It’s calling out to me to see it from all angles and latitudes”¦and I’m going to answer that call in December.

I’m a sucker for a great quote. And an even bigger sucker for quotes that capture the essence and romance of travel so vividly. It’s hearing from fellow travelers who’ve taken the plunge – who’ve given it all up – that keeps me going.

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