Polar Vortex Sets New Milestone: All 50 States Dip Below Freezing

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For those of us insufferable individuals who never shut up about the weather, there’s a whole new batch of fresh conversational fodder. A new weather milestone was set in the United States on Tuesday, January 7th when temperatures below the freezing point were recorded in all 50 states on the same day.

At least one location in every state — from places you would expect it, like Alaska, to those you would not like Hawaii and Florida — had temperature readings below freezing thanks to the polar vortex that has plunged temperatures across North America and wreaked havoc in many areas.

Check out more about this in The Guardian

  1. Time Mag. blamed ‘polar vortex’ on ‘global cooling’ in 1974
    here we are in a similar political environment 30 years later.

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