Pig Fat Museum Opens in Ukraine

Pig © clemson

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Ukrainians love their pig fat, known locally as “salo.” So much so, in fact, that a new museum has opened dedicated entirely to all of the incredible uses for porcine lard.

Ukrainians admire the detailed sculptures made from salo, like the record-setting giant replica of the human heart and the humanoid sculptures in refrigerated window displays, and try various salo-based dishes. For example, they serve this ”˜tasty’ dessert called Marylin Monroe Lips, made with salo, ice-cream and fruit, which apparently is very popular with visitors. Salo sushi and salo chocolate are also among the favorites at the Salo Museum restaurant.

The Salo Museum also features a series of paintings dedicated to the fat delicacy, a fashion collection inspired by it, and offers VIP guests the chance to have their face carved in salo.

There’s certainly something ironic about sculpting a human heart out of the very substance that slowly destroys its ability to function. Read the whole story at Today.az.

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