Photo of the Moment: Mourning Moon, Nepal

Mourning Moon, Nepal
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Founding Editor
  1. When I travel I shed my known life. Suddenly i do not expect anything and who knows what will happen. this FREEDOM is the feeling I am hooked on.

    One of the reasons I love to travel is this: I feel a sense of such freedom. Its like how I feel after a couple of drinks. Without the alcohol. I am not one who really worries about what others think and yet there is an additional level of freedom of expression. the not knowing what is next. I do not plan every detail. Just the big things and I am willing to stop. Once for example in Lima Peru the Girl I met was so so wonderful I had to be with her for a couple extra days. So i delayed my trip to Equador for 2 days and my travel buddy just went ahead of me. ( he thought I was crazy but Here i am 20 years later and that is such a great memory.

    I wonder what happened to her.

    Many peopl have NO idea what I mean cause they take their worlds with them w- they bring a laptop, their ipod with THEIR music and their experience is Like picking up a suitcase of their life and just changing spots. This is NOT a real; Traveling joy.

    I have even seen people have to pull their kids away from the club lounge video games to go to the floating market or A nagnificent temple in Thailand.

    My answer is a sense of Freedom.

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