Non Culture Shock: When Your Destination is Too Much Like Home [Flashback]

Bored in Traffic
Bored in Traffic / © liliputience

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Sometimes that trip away from home feels like you never left. One year ago today, Amanda discussed non-culture shock. It’s that queer feeling you get when your destination is just too much like home.

I got to Germany and everything suddenly seemed so familiar. Sure, everybody was speaking German instead of Slovak, Japanese or English, but I’d studied German in school and could understand most of what was going on. In the supermarket, everything looked just like what I could buy back home in Perth. The menus in restaurants didn’t hold any particularly exciting secrets, the pubs could have been taken straight out of Australia, where we have just as much of a beer drinking culture as the Germans, and even the programs on TV seemed eerily reminiscent of what I’d been watching back home. (Yes, reality TV is bad in any language!)

Check out the full post and share your tips on dealing with this inevitable traveler’s phenomenon in the comments section!

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