NFL Quarterback’s Assault Rifle Left Behind in Rental Car

An AR-15 rifle © -Piskami

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Imagine renting a car and then discovering that it came with an assault rifle in the back. That was what a mother and daughter experienced when they rented a Nissan Rogue in Florida recently.

After having driven the rental car around for two days they found a bag had been left in the back seat, which they opened in the hope that it would contain something identifying its rightful owner. In a way they found what they were looking for, they just never expected to find an assault rifle.

The pair drove to the nearest police station to report the find, and the gun was later traced to Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. His wife, model Lauren Tannehill, had left the rifle behind when she returned the rental car.

The rental company, E-Z Rent-a-Car, has not yet been able to explain how the rifle went undetected when each car is supposed to undergo a thorough cleaning between rentals.

Find out more about this in the Daily Mail

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