Napa Valley Zip Lines Coming Soon to … Napa Valley

Napa Valley Zip Line, California

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Coming soon to California’s Napa Valley: zip lining. The wildly popular outdoor activity is coming to wine country courtesy of Napa Valley Bike Tours, who claim:

The Napa Valley Ziplines course was designed specifically for first-timers. The first two zip lines will be the shortest and slowest of the course, designed to ease participants into the adventure. Three of the next five zip lines will be over 1,200 feet, with the longest eaching nearly 2,000 feet! After Zip 4, tour guests will arrive at an observation deck perched 600 feet above the Napa Valley. Guided tour groups will pause here to enjoy the panoramic view of the vineyards spanning two miles across the valley floor all the way to the magnificent Stags Leap Palisades, which crown the eastern edge of the valley.

The company will offer two package tours. Starting at $125, the 3-hour Zip ‘N Go Tour is the no-nonsense choice for folks looking to literally do their ziplining and split.

The more adult (read: fun) option is the Zip ‘N Sip Tour. (Yeah, you see where we’re going with this.) For $189, you get the aforementioned three hours of ziplining, plus a chauffered van tour and tasting at nearby wineries.

Smart move. I’m thinking it’s probably a good idea to hit the wineries after the three hours of ziplining.

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