My Whole Life Has Been on Hold Until Now

From the 99,923 reasons to travel department …

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In a thread on titled “Putting life on hold, Have you ever taken a year to travel?“, traveller Jawad replies:

It depends on your perspective really. By life do you mean your job, car, mortgage, day to day routine you are used to? Surely life should be more than that. When you find yourself travelling and experiencing things you only dreamed about back home; that’s when you realise that your life has been on hold until now.

This seems so ridiculously obvious and yet … I never thought of it this way. My RTW travels are not the intermission in the play of my life. My work-a-day job, cushy yuppie apartment, travel mug, and commuter car are the intermission. Life is everything beyond.

Founding Editor
  1. I had the opposite feeling before I left. I decided to go traveling about 1,5 years before I actually left. From that point on I decided to spend no more money on things like curtains, furniture, electronic devices etc.
    Too bad I had just moved and therefore lived in an unfinished apartment for a year and a half.
    On the other hand it was yet another eason I was glad to finally be able to start travelling :)

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