My 5 Hilarious Travel Photos

Ian of Brave New Traveler fame (yes, that Ian! Who’d you think I meant?) recently launched a contest to submit your five favorite hilarious travel photos. Here are mine:

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Bright Lights, Big Tower

CN Tower
The CN Tower in Toronto is the world’s largest free-standing structure. So of course some sadistic chap decided to turn parts of its observation deck’s floor into glass. From there, you can stand and look straight down. All 1200 feet down. What’s funny about this picture is what you don’t see: me behind the camera, standing a quarter mile above the earth on a sliver of glass, just about sh*tting myself. All in an effort to snap a cool pic of the skyline. (Oh … and I swear this photo is not Photoshopped)

Street Sleeping in Dublin

Street Sleeping
This chap alternated between briefly passing out and smoking a “fag” while lying in the middle of the road. What you don’t see in this photo: cars driving around him and the small crowd of drunken gatherers staring at him. Lest you think I’m a selfless, uncaring drunk who left another drunk to potentially be run over by yet another drunk, another fellow came by and led this poor chap to safer ground.

Smiling Snail

Smiling Snail in Killiney
Outside the quiet, affluent beach town of Killiney – perhaps the Malibu of Ireland’s east coast – we found a gutted building on the beach with this happy snail inside. He was all too eager to smile for the camera.

Snoop Santy Santa

Hooka Santa
How many time have you thought to yourself: “Man, this perfectly legal flavored tobacco I’m smoking out of this hooka pipe is missing something. [snap!] Got it: Santa Claus!” You’re not alone! This shop on La Rue St-Denis in Montreal fills that niche for you and other like-minded, holly jolly hooka smoking hippies.

What!? It’s Not Raining?!?

At Niagara Falls
Aside from the fact that I look horribly jaundice, I’m pretty sure this one will kill any future political aspirations of mine. There’s no funny back story to this photo. It’s just me donning rain gear and looking ridiculous in the caves below Niagara Falls. K happened to be readying the camera behind me for any photo opps. With my snazzy new yellow poncho cinched, I turned around quickly and she snapped this picture.

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