MP Magic Socks - Holiday Trip Travel Socks
MP Magic Socks - Holiday Trip Travel Socks

Are These “Magic” Socks the Best Odorless Socks for Travelers?

Travel can be dirty business — literally. On the go through airports, subway stations, city streets, urban parks, hiking trails, Trainspotting-style public restrooms β€” sometimes all in the same day. Who has time for pesky things like showering and changing clothes?

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I admit to times on the road where I may have worn the same clothes for a couple (or six) days in a row. With traditional cotton clothing, things get ugly (read: funky) fast. Synthetic fibers and merino wool can help matters. But, for any clothing that touches your feet or nether-regions, it’s a challenge.

MP Magic Socks is looking to solve the stinky foot dilemma (you’re still on your own for odor-free underwear) for travelers with their newfangled MP Magic Socks.

The Skinny on MP Magic Socks

So what are MP Magic Socks? In the company’s own words:

MP Magic Socks are the world’s best odorless socks with three-metal infused: silver, copper, and zinc.

[They] incorporate a super comfortable design … integrated with mineral substance, antibacterial fabrics that work hard to make your feet odorless.

These innovative socks are odorless, comfortable, antibacterial, super durable, and breathable.

Woman in bed wearing MP Magic Socks
MP Magic Socks

The Traveler’s Take

MP Magic Socks are part of a new breed of activewear that relies on metal-infused fabrics to (literally) do your dirty work. They use a unique blend of cotton (for softness), nylon and spandex (for stretchability and quick-drying), and a proprietary yarn coated with zinc, copper, and silver.

But the most important feature β€” the one likely to cause travelers to seek out MP Magic Socks β€” is their antibacterial capability. The metal-coated yarn fabric ensures that bacteria can’t stick to the sock fibers. This means they’ll last for days, even a week, without stinking. Take them around the city, through the airport, on the subway at rush hour. Sweat in them all you like; they dry quickly and won’t smell.

I prefer to pack ultra-light (sometimes only 2-3 changes of clothing), to wash-and-wear my clothes along the way. These socks are incredible for my style of travel because they dry fast and I can literally go days without washing them.

Pricing & Availability

MP Magic Socks are available from in a wide variety of styles and colors for men and women. At USD $7-10 per pair, they’re definitely more expensive than a six-pack of Fruit of the Loom tube socks. But, in my opinion, they’re worth every penny.

Their Classic MP Ankle is a versatile all-around sock that should work for almost any traveler in a wide variety of situations. Personally, I’m partial to their Holiday Trip socks (the bold red pair at the top of this post) because, well, planes.

Oh … and, if you’re a frequent long-haul traveler, I highly recommend investing in a good pair of compression socks as well. After a few well-traveled friends shared their DVT-blood-clot-related horror stories with me, I wear these compression socks from CEP on every single flight.

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