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Airport Travelers

Prepare for Any Trip Like a Pro with Mobile Edge’s Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo

Most hardcore travelers identify as either a “roll-aboard traveler” or a “backpacker.” Both camps are typically prepared to argue the superiority of their preferred baggage to the death.

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Mobile Edge Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo
Mobile Edge Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo

But, I’ve slowly warmed to a happy mix of the two. For some trips, I appreciate the convenience (and the whole “not having to lug all my belongings on my back”) and simplicity of a roll-aboard. For other trips — particularly active or adventure-oriented excursions — a backpack often works better.

Mobile Edge promises the best of both worlds with its Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo. Like its Core Gaming Backpack (that we included among our list of the best travel photography accessories of 2019), there’s a lot to like about this versatile combo set.

The Skinny

So how does Mobile Edge bill their Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo? In their own words:

The new Mobile Edge ‘Pro’ Series cases are the perfect choice for the frequent business traveler, the Professional Rolling Laptop case offers four separate storage sections for all of the gear you need for your daily commute or an overnight trip.

This full featured rolling case is constructed from durable ballistic nylon and includes a five-stage telescoping handle, a padded top carry handle for easy lifting, free-rolling in-line skate wheels and a trolley strap for stacking on other luggage.

The matching Professional Backpack offers loads of organized storage and fits securely on top of the rolling case with its built-in trolley strap.

The Traveler’s Take

Mobile Edge targets this combo primarily at business travelers, but it’s great for just about any traveler from urban adventurers to traveling executives. Straight up, I love the versatility of this set. Each piece works great on its own, depending on your specific trip needs.

But, they work even better together as the backpack is designed to stow directly atop the rolling case so they can be wheeled around as a single unit. The whole thing rolls on wide-mounted inline skate wheels so its stable and effortless.

I frequently travel with a ton of gear including a laptop (sometimes two), two smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, ear buds, a plethora of charging bricks and USB cables, backup hard drives, snacks, a book or two, gum, pens, sunglasses, a passport, hard copy backups of all my pertinent travel docs … you get the gist.

The Professional Backpack has an insane amount of storage to keep everything organized, and I can keep it all separate from my clothing. Plus, it’s TSA checkpoint-friendly, so I can leave my laptop in the backpack at airport security (on those rare occasions when the TSA PreCheck line is closed and it would otherwise be an issue).

Mobile Edge Professional Backpack

The rolling case, on the other hand, is designed to hold everything else. In my case, that typically means clothing, my second laptop or tablet, file folders (because sometimes I still travel with old school paper – remember that?) and any other miscellaneous bits too big for the backpack.

The stealthy, minimalist design blends into just about any environment. So, no matter where you’re traveling, you can count on not drawing too much unwanted attention to yourself.

What’s more: the combo set includes a lifetime warranty, and you have to love a company that stands behind its products!

Pricing and Availability

The Mobile Edge Professional Backpack and Rolling Case Combo is available now for less than $300 directly from Mobile Edge (though it’s currently backordered). As Henry Ford was fond of saying, it’s available in any color you want, as long as that color is black.

The backpack is also available for purchase separately:

[amazon box=”B01INVRPAU”]

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